– Munters DSS Pro™: the next level of dehumidification

Welcome to the next level of dehumidification Munters DSS Pro™ represents an evolutionary leap forward from the market leading Munters DSS system, with performance upgrades that make a real difference. It is suited to a wide range of industries, including the specific demands of pharmaceutical, food and battery applications thanks to its class-leading dehumidification efficiency….

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– Munters’ desiccant rotor – industrial dehumidification at its best

Munters desiccant rotor

In 1951, Carl Munters filed a patent for a desiccant-based drying system for cold storage rooms. He clearly realized the potential of the silica gel’s ability to reduce moisture. Nearly a thousand patents later, his legacy is still at the heart of Munters’ dehumidification technology. Today, Carl Munters’ groundbreaking discoveries have been refined into a…

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– Protection of grounded aircrafts

SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

Dehumidification efficiently protects grounded aircraft from moisture related damage on a short or long term basis and ensure operational readiness for airlines and airports around the world. The world’s airlines have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many aircraft have been grounded indefinitely, and are now at significant risk of costly damage from moisture…

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– Munters AirC – Take control of your future

Munter AirC

Introducing the new Munters AirC Control Platform Munters AirC is a revolutionary new control platform designed to make climate control smarter, more efficient and more intuitive. The new system puts our decades of industry leading experience right at your fingertips with one easy-to-use full-colour interface. This smart solution makes creating your perfect climate easier than…

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– When last have you had your Munters Dehumidifier serviced & checked?

Munters Rotor Check

Just as your motor vehicle needs to be serviced regularly, maintaining your Munters Dehumidifier ensures a smooth and trouble-free moisture controlled environment, extends the lifetime of the unit preventing breakdowns and down-time in production. Your Munters Dehumidifier may be experiencing a drop in performance without you noticing as the unit might be on and running….

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