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Services & Spares

Your Munters Dehumidifier may be experiencing a drop in performance without you noticing as the dehumidification unit might be on and running.

Just a physical examination of the rotor or changing the filters is not sufficient since even small particles and airborne contaminants naked to the eye can still have a significant effect on the unit.

You might find an increase in energy consumption since the reactivation heater is working more to compensate for the lower performance of the rotor or, that climate conditions and humidity levels are not what they used to be compared to when the unit was first installed.  . 

If your equipment has shut down/is malfunctioning or giving you an error code – contact us immediately for a telephonic assessment by a Munters trained technician to avoid damaging the unit.

Please contact us directly for Munters original spares and to confirm pricing, this ensures that you have not been overcharged or given a non-Munters original spare part by a 3rd party.

Munters Dehumidification Equipment & Dehumidification Systems spares are manufactured from high quality parts for reliable operation to guarantee your unit’s continued good health.

As the sole representative for Munters dehumidifiers in Southern Africa, our Munters trained specialists are able to service the full range of Munters dehumidifiers as well as supply original Munters dehumidifier parts and spares.


Munters dehumidifier Life Cycle

With SMAC Enterprises (representing Munters Airtech South Africa) as your service partner, you will achieve the longest possible lifetime for your air treatment equipment.

No matter what phase of the life cycle your Munters equipment is in, our service solutions and products will provide optimal operation and performance for as long as you need, and beyond.

Depending on the type and size of Munters equipment, the design lifetime will differ. The number of daily hours in operation, exposure to aggressive environments, and maintenance levels are all parameters that will affect the life of the equipment. For maintenance schedules and expected lifetime, please see specific technical manuals.


The following illustration gives a rough indication of when your dehumidification equipment will enter each phase of the life cycle. This will help you determine the most appropriate product(s) or service(s) to maintain optimal performance, with minimum energy consumption, throughout its life. Equipment covered by ServiceCaire™ extend the Sustain & Maintain phase as long as possible by identifying maintenance needs before they become a problem.

Munters dehumidifier life cycle

Phase 1: Start-up & Warranty
Services to ensure your equipment is operating as designed. Combined with PrimaCaire™ extended warranty, your investment gets the best possible start.


Phase 2: Sustain & Maintain
Keep your equipment running like new with ServiceCaire™ – our tailor-made service agreement.


Phase 3: Retrofit & Upgrade
Boost energy efficiency and capacity with our retrofit solutions for equipment already in operation.


Phase 4: Retire & Renew
Sustainable replacement when your equipment finally reaches end-of-life. After many years in operation, your air treatment equipment needs to be replaced


Maintenance Plans & Spares:


Apart from servicing Munters dehumidifiers, we also offer the following services:

          1.  Turn-Key Air Treatment Consultations & designs
          2.  On-site Evaluations to evaluate your needs and advise on the best solutions
          3.  On-site Training
          4.  Maintenance & Servicing Agreements for Munters dehumidifiers
          5.  Supplying of Spare Kits and Spare Parts for Munters dehumidifiers
          6.  Service Level Agreements for Munters dehumidifiers


Through our Munters trained Service Teams, our aim is to help control your climate, maintaining the efficiency of your equipment and ensuring uninterrupted, fault-free performance. Our thorough approach means guaranteed smooth and trouble-free climate control.

Our wide range of Service plans and options are designed to improve performance and energy efficient, extend lifetime, keep maintenance costs low and avoid breakdowns.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions all and any application.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry.
SMAC Enterprises are the official Munters Airtech Representatives and sole distributors for Munters dehumidifiers with South Africa and the Southern Africa regions.