– Munters DSS Pro™: the next level of dehumidification

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Welcome to the next level of dehumidification

Munters DSS Pro™ represents an evolutionary leap forward from the market leading Munters DSS system, with performance upgrades that make a real difference. It is suited to a wide range of industries, including the specific demands of pharmaceutical, food and battery applications thanks to its class-leading dehumidification efficiency.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, Munters DSS Pro™ is now equipped with our new AirPro casing. This new enclosure offers a variety of benefits, from significantly improved durability to reduced air leakage and lower energy consumption. All of this makes Munters DSS Pro™ perform at optimal levels for even longer than ever before, giving you durable efficiency and more importantly, peace of mind.

Key Features of the new Munters DSS Pro™

• Energy efficient dehumidification
• Gas, steam and electric reactivation as standard
• New AirPro casing increases durability, strength and energy efficiency
• Full humidity and temperature control
• Airflow range from 3,000 m3/h up to 140,000 m3/h*
• Configurable fans on process circuit
• Choice of housing to ensure suitability
• Advanced controls and communication
* Airflow data are measured at standard dry air conditions (20°C, 1,013hPa)


Munters DSS Pro

The more sustainable option

As the inventor of the desiccant wheel, Munters knows what it takes to engineer the very best in dehumidification rotor technology. With Munters PowerPurge™ technology, you get the outstanding performance you need with superior energy efficiency. For certain applications Munters Green PowerPurge™ can help you consume up to 30% less energy. Munters DSS Pro™ is also ready for sustainable energy, which means the transition will be seamless if you decide to make the switch to 

renewable energy.

A better fit for your needs

In addition to the improved performance and durability, Munters DSS Pro™ also has a smaller physical footprint. This makes the system more convenient to install, and can potentially increase the amount of space you have for the parts of your business which generate revenue.

More than a system

With Munters you get more than industry-leading solutions. You also get a partner with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your indoor climate is always exactly as it needs to be. We support you all the way from design and quotation to the ongoing service you need from our offices all over the world.

Meet the Munters DSS Pro


Expertise in every application

Food Manufacturing

We know that when it comes to food manufacture, a stable climate is essential to ensure the best possible product quality. Munters DSS Pro™ provides the ideal climate at all times, and offers long lasting performance thanks to new, stronger casing and improved efficiency throughout the unit. As hygiene is also crucial, Munters DSS Pro™ is made from specially selected materials which will never compromise your products.


Pharmaceutical businesses need the perfect conditions for manufacturing and packaging treatments and medicines. Munters DSS Pro™ can help you achieve your required conditions while ensuring your environment remains sterile and clean. When you need the air to remain at a precise humidity for as long as possible, Munters DSS Pro is the solution you can rely on.

Battery Production

In a world where sustainable energy is crucial, battery production is an essential, growing industry. We know that production facilities need the best possible
climate in order to manufacture batteries of the highest quality, and that operating in a more environmentally friendly way is essential. Munters DSS Pro™ helps with all of this and more, as it offers excellent performance over time, while being ready for sustainable energy.

inside the Munters DSS Pro


Not sure how to select the correct size of a dehumidifier for your business? Contact a Munters Specialist at SMAC Enterprises today for advice and pricing on the best suited Munters desiccant dehumidifier unit for your application.

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