Econovent South Africa


Energy recovery for all applications using Econovent®

Econovent South AfricaEconovent® the the original rotary heat exchanger and one of the first to be awarded the Eurovent certificate. 

The Econovent® energy recovery wheel is derived from the original rotary heat exchanger manufactured since 1956. Its characteristics are well known and provides high energy recovery efficiency, low pressure drop and reliable technical data with undisputed operational excellence. The Econovent® wheel is installed all over the world and has recovered a considerable amount of energy contributing not only to monetary savings but also to a greener environment.

Made in Sweden, the Econovent® rotor is trusted for all kinds of applications such as comfort (offices, hotels, and public spaces), light industry and marine environments (cruise ships) from arctic to tropical climates. Part of the Econovent® family is also the epoxy and edge reinforced treated rotors, which are more resistant to corrosive environments such as the marine and light industry.

Econovent® certified range 
Econovent® is the original rotary heat exchanger and one of the first to be awarded the Eurovent certificate, guaranteeing that the stated performance can be achieved in practice. And this applies to Econovent® the original and able to stand up to any inspection.

Quality assured production
Besides the long and vast experience of all kinds of applications, another thing making the Econovent® rotor unique is deeply rooted in the manufacturing process. During production, all rotors are carefully wound together with an extra thin aluminum foil in concurrence with a special adhesive component. In combination, this is the key to strengthen the rigidity and sustainability of the rotor, while still offering the best in class performance. Further for quality verification, prior to dispatch all rotors manufactured are undergoing a strict pressure test.


SMAC Enterprises are sole distributers for Econovent® for the Southern Africa region and are able to provide heat exchangers for various HVAC systems whether it be new or existing units. Contact us today for more info or for a quote.