SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

Condensation Problems

When water evaporates it becomes water vapour. When this comes into contact with cool surfaces, condensation drips onto walls, ceilings and products

As moist air condenses onto surfaces the potential for product contamination increases and a decrease in safety and quality occurs.

Our dehumidification systems create low humidity atmospheres to prevent this contamination and to reduce the medium for mould and microbe formation. Using a condensation control dehumidifier means decreased product spoilage, a reduction in corrosion and building fabric deterioration.

Condensation control units are the cost-effective solution to these problems.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions to prevent mould and microbe formation.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry.

SMAC Enterprises are the official representatives for the Munters AirTech Division and are sole distributors for Munters dehumidifiers with South Africa and the Southern Africa regions.