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Munters Dehumidifiers

SMAC Enterprises are sole agents for Munters desiccant dehumidifiers in Southern Africa. Based in South Africa in Gauteng and the Western Cape, we represent the Munters AirTech Division. Who is Munters? Read more …

With over 17 years of experience, SMAC Enterprises offers complete turn-key air treatment solutions for each unique industry need.

We understand the causes and effects of humidity and how it interacts with even tiny alterations in temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and weather conditions and any other parameters specific to your particular industry.

Our experienced Munters trained specialists are here to help you with just about any issue associated with moisture in the air so that you don’t need to pour time, money and effort into dealing with the problems. Our humidity management technology will eliminate humidity-related problems and minimize downtime.

We carry a solid track record of supplying well-engineered, energy-efficient and remarkably reliable Munters dehumidifiers that have been documented as the most cost-effective way to tackle humidity-related problems in a wide range of industries.

Munters systems are used by more than 20 major industries in hundreds of applications. The Munters patented rotor technology stands for more than 60 years of customer oriented global experience and reliability.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters AirTech range suited for your unique industry need.

The Munters AirTech range of dehumidifiers available in South Africa: Click model name for info

Refrigerant DehumidifiersMK series    
Small Portable Desiccant DehumidifiersM120MG seriesMCS300COMDRY seriesMC150 series
Stand Alone DehumidifiersML seriesMLT seriesIceDry®MX² seriesMCD series
Complete Air Handling UnitsDryCool® HCUiDSS Dessicant System   
Climate Systems – temperature and humidity controlML PlusMX² PlusMDU system  
Heat ExchangersEconovent® Cassette PURA,      B, C, D

Econovent® Full Cased PUMO

Econovent® PUML

Rental Industrial Dehumidifiers R-Series    

SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

WHO IS MUNTERS? Munters are the original innovators in climate control since 1955.

Founded by a Swedish ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters, the company was built around his insights to the laws of thermodynamics in combination with an ability to translate that understanding into groundbreaking technology.

During his lifetime Carl Munters applied for nearly 1,000 patents, mostly within the areas of dehumidification and evaporative cooling. These two areas are core technologies within Munters. 

Munters AirTech, the dehumidification division, is a global leader in energy-efficient air treatment for industrial and commercial applications offering solutions for mission-critical processes that require exact control of moisture and temperature, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable climate systems.

Munters manufactures desiccant dehumidification systems designed to remove moisture from the air to control humidity in commercial buildings and industrial processes.

Munters dehumidification systems are used by more than 20 major industries in hundreds of applications providing better indoor air quality and comfort, as well as increased production capacity. 

Our goal is to provide energy-efficient, safe and reliable climate solutions where control of moisture content and temperature in production are mission critical. 

Munters helps leading companies around the world to maximize their opportunities while minimizing their global carbon emission footprint.

Munters Head Office and production plants are based in Sweden, and are represented globally in over 30 countries. Munters are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm and traded under the MTRS symbol.

The Munters AirTech range of dehumidifiers:






R-Series Rental Industrial Dehumidifiers