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The Econovent® family represents a wide range of rotor types such as non-hygroscopic and sorption. The recent investments have resulted in the Econovent® sorption rotor now being the market leader in latent cooling. The development was done in conjunction with our sister company in the United States which has more than 25 years of experience in desiccant coating technology.

In order to optimize the Econovent® rotor for each project its possible to choose from several different foil spacings and diameter sizes in steps of 10mm. The rotors can be offered in diameters up to 5.0 meters and managing airflows up to 50m3/s. The casing can be offered in different materials (galv, steel, alzn, stainless 304/316) and/or powder painted in almost any color to apply to the projects specification.


Great Flexability 
The Econovent® family offers lots of flexibility in terms of casing. If intended to be integrated in an air handling unit (AHU) the PUR(A,B,C,D) is the natural choice, and if used as a stand-alone module the PUMO is selected. Both casing types offer full flexibility in terms of dimensioning, control positioning, inspection hatches and material class. The PURA is intended for top-bottom – and the PURB for side-by-side air flows. PURC and PURD are configured as A- and B- cassettes but in split delivery versions for narrow building spaces. The PUMO full cased unit is intended for larger and divided rotors.


Econovent® advantages:

  • Econovent® sorption rotor offers best-in-class latent performance
  • The Econovent® is the “original” rotor which has been developed and improved over decades and installed all over the world
  • Eurovent and AHRI certified
  • Wound together with adhesive for highest strength and rigidity. No integrated spokes or rods of rotors <2.5m diameter
  • Low aluminum band thickness (0.05 mm) supports highest measured sensible- and latent efficiencies and lowest pressure drops.
  • Full flexibility in sizing for all Air Handling Units
  • Low rotor weight and quality bearings offers a quick and safe installation with limited operational wearing on the bearings
  • Different flute heights for project optimization – 1.4, 1.55, 1.7, 2.0, 2.6mm
  • It´s unique mechanical design with thin foil (35/50micron) enables:
       – undisputable quality and longevity
       – market leading efficiency (by enhanced convection heat transfer through more surface)
       – lowest offered pressure drops
       – 30-50% lighter wheel, which not just simplifies installation and maintenance, but also reduces wearing on bearings and sealings resulting in increased longevity
  • The Econovent® is delivered in non-hygroscopic or sorption execution
  • The sorption variant with its unique coating process provides the highest latent performance in the market
  • For corrosion protection, the Econovent® is offered in epoxy- or edge-reinforced treatment
  • For project optimization 5 different foil spacings are offered
  • Every single Econovent® is mechanically pressure tested before dispatch
  • Diameters offered in steps of 5cm between 110cm and 250cm
  • Econovent® is chosen in one piece or in segments
  • With or without purging sector
  • Different material executions such as; galvanized-, AlZn-, stainless steel (304/316) is standard. Special coating is also offered.
  • Rotated by high quality and thoroughly tested speed drive solutions
SMAC Enterprises are sole distributers for Econovent® in Southern Africa  offering heat exchange solutions for new or existing HVAC systems.