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Tableting and Compressing

Sensitive products, powders and tablets can lose quality and shelf life when being exposed to high humidity.

They stick together, become moldy or break apart. Pipes and machinery become clogged and impede production.

Maintaining the specified humidity set point will result in higher production throughput (prevent product sticking, reduce stoppages, and decrease waste), reduced energy consumption, and improved dosing accuracy.

To create perfect granulations for processes such as tableting, where specific material structures are required, moisture added and removed under controlled conditions ensures process flow without interruption.

Having taken the trouble to create free-flowing granulations, further humidity control in the tableting suite will prevent line disruptions. Maintenance of dry air around the presses and feed hoppers ensures continuous product feed.

No longer are disfigured or crumbling tables or clogged dies an occurrence. Production shutdowns are eliminated, minimising maintenance shutdowns, as dust deposits can be removed during operation.

Controlling the production environment with our air treatment solutions ensures that the problems are avoided and productions climate is kept stable and fully controlled year-round. A high product quality is maintained whilst production output can be increased and the number of un­planned production stops reduced, saving valuable time and money.

Optimal drying specifications for soft gel and hard capsule drying will be consistently delivered through desiccant dehumidification. Ideal air quality is provided year round to assure soft gels dry quickly and meet quality standards. Whether its gelatine, HPMC or other formulations, we can provide precise drying conditions. By carefully controlling the humidity, the moisture content of both filled and empty capsules is ensured.

Smooth, consistent thickness of coatings yields maximum visual appeal and proper dispersion characteristics. Avoid coating problems like roughness/orange peel, blistering, hazing, sticking and picking, and erosion by selecting and supplying the right drying conditions.

Munters ML range with AirC

The Munters ML and MX Plus Desiccant systems not only provides precise controlled humidity levels but also high filtration that not only removes particles in the air but kills bacteria as the air moves through the rotor producing filtered, clean air.

It’s not just tablets or capsules that go into blister packing, the surrounding air also gets sealed in. With the right humidity level, you get packaged products that are longer lasting and durable.

During blow fill seal packaging, condensation on cold surfaces can lead to surface imperfections that affect appearance and structural integrity. Controlling the dew point of the air around the packaging during the blow forming process can prevent this from happening.

Until the product leaves the plant, every effort needs to be taken to maintain quality and efficacy. Providing low humidity air to cold storage areas prevents ice, frost and fog, and improves worker safety. After production, dried capsule shells are vulnerable to the effects of humidity fluctuations, compromising mechanical strength and appearance. A stable climate during packing and storage avoids these risks.


    1. Schering AG case study using a Munters dehumidifier 
    2. Clean rooms case study

Benefits of using a Munters desiccant dehumidifier:

– Prevent product sticking
– Less stoppages
– Higher production throughput
– Less waste, reduced need of cleaning
– Improved hygiene
– High quality is maintained

With over 17 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions ideal for create perfect granulations for processed products.

Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry.

SMAC Enterprises are the official representatives for the Munters AirTech Division and are sole distributors for Munters dehumidifiers with South Africa and the Southern Africa regions.

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