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KV2 Audio South AfricaThe Future of Sound. Made Perfectly Clear.
At KV2 Audio, our vision is to constantly develop technologies that eliminate distortion and loss of information providing a true dynamic representation of the source. Our aim is to create audio products that absorb you, place you within the performance and deliver a listening experience beyond expectation.

At KV2 Audio the true reproduction of the original sound and its dynamics are the key elements in the development of our products. We have bucked industry trends and broken industry standards to find the best possible audio solutions both analog and digital. We don’t simply gauge our system’s performances on published specifications; we gauge it by the smiles on people’s faces.

At KV2 Audio we strive to bring art and science together, to reveal the true emotion in a performance. Our products are designed not just to provide a solution for sound reproduction; they are built with the intention of providing the optimum listening experience and enjoyment for the audience. To deliver something special, something beyond expectation. KV2 builds plug and play systems that save you money, are fast and easy to set up, suitable for venues of all sizes and simply provide superior sound quality to any competing product.

With incredibly low distortion and extremely high definition, KV2 Audio’s point source systems give you the capability to cover more people with less equipment delivering real value in quality sound reinforcement

Company Overview
KV2 Audio is not a large- corporate company pumping out products at the lowest possible price point, to maximise profitability. It is a small hands-on manufacturer, focused on quality and most importantly the sound of its products – something that many companies seem to regularly overlook in the race to develop the latest, so-called ‘advancement’ in technology. In 2012 KV2 celebrated its tenth birthday. It is still the same small, vibrant company it was when it started, a company with a passion for building high quality pro audio products, products that continue to deliver performance beyond expectation.

KV2 Audio – The Future of Sound. Made Perfectly Clear.

KV2 Audio is represented by SMAC Enterprises within Southern Africa region. Visit www.kv2audio.co.za for the full range of products