– Munters MX2 desiccant dehumidifier series

SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

The MX² series combines traditional Munters strengths like efficiency and robustness with modern state of the art technology like modulating RH control and communication and is now available with Plenum fans which are designed to be silent in public areas installations. The MX² series is a superior dehumidifier for applications ranging from precise food, pharmaceutical and chemical…

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– CASE STUDY – A revolutionary approach towards drying fruit & other products

Drying mango with a dehumidifier

CASE STUDY – Landman Dried Produce In a revolutionary approach towards drying mangoes, the Munters Dehumidification Division in South Africa (now represented by SMAC Enterprises) and Landman Dried Produce, embarked on a journey of research and proved a new drying method that is conceptually and thermodynamically ground-breaking in the fruit-drying industry. Landman Dried Produce has…

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– Did you know that Munters are the original inventors of the Desiccant Rotor?

Munters are the original innovators in climate control since 1955. Founded by ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters, the company was built around his insights to the laws of thermodynamics in combination with an ability to translate that understanding into groundbreaking technology. During his lifetime Carl Munters applied for nearly 1,000 patents, mostly within the…

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