– Munters MX2 desiccant dehumidifier series

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Munters MX2 dehumidifier

The MX² series combines traditional Munters strengths like efficiency and robustness with modern state of the art technology like modulating RH control and communication and is now available with Plenum fans which are designed to be silent in public areas installations.

The MX² series is a superior dehumidifier for applications ranging from precise food, pharmaceutical and chemical process control to artefact and general storage, sandblasting and preservation against condensation effects in ice rinks, swimming pools, turbines, switchgear, bridges etc.




MX² series features:

  1. State of the art Munters design
  2. Flexible unit
  3. Complete airflow range 2,700 – 9,500 m³/h
  4. Communication and external control options
  5. Munters application know-how
  6. High efficiency dehumidification between -20°C and 40°C
  7. Modulating humidity control including wet air temperature sensor
  8. New easy control panel with different access levels.
  9. Choice reactivation power: electric, steam or gas
  10. Variety of filters to choose between G4 to F7
  11. Possibilty to choose Energy Recovery sectors for enhanced performance available with saving up to 30% energy
  12. VFD for process fan
  13. Plenum Fan for silent environments
  14. Options for pre-post treatment options
  15. Process fan inlet for different outlet positions
  16. Service and running indicator alarm as external indicators
  17. Options: mirror handed, stainless steel, bypass


Customer value:

  1. Low energy consumption
  2. Reliable operation
  3. Energy Recovery Purge, Energy Efficiency Purge and Low Dew Point Purge options as standard
  4. Constant performance


Energy and cost savings:

The MX2 series is the perfect merge between our desiccant rotor technology and the sophisticated electronics.

  1. Munters’ world leading desiccant rotor technology provides high moisture absorbing capacity year after year
  2. Standardized modules
  3. One After Sales Partner

MX2 platform


Filter Options:

  1. Standard filters are Coarce 65% (G4)
  2. Panel ePM10 60% (M5) as option
  3. Panel Coarce 65% (G4) in combination with ePM1 60% (F7) filters as option
  4. Climatix control with Filter and Rotor alarm as standard




Climatix Control:

  1. Easy operation and monitoring
  2. First class temperature and humidity control
  3. Energy saving modulating control of heater
  4. Easy to navigate with good overview
  5. Option ModBus Communication
  6. Full functionality text display with buttons



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