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Munters dehumidifier for cold rooms SMAC Enterprises

Your cold storage will experience condensation and ice build-up if you don’t have the right dehumidification solution. And your air-lock and loading dock can also be impacted. Defrosting costs time and energy, and your evaporator won’t operate efficiently if ice has formed on it, further driving up operating costs.

The benefits of dehumidification

MAINTAIN A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT:  Ice and condensation cause slippery floors, and ice deposits can even fall on personnel from overhead build-up. While humid air can cause mist, and reduced visibility.

Munters dehumidification solutions can help you maintain the highest safety levels by stopping ice and condensation in their tracks. No ice means workers won’t slip and trip and equipment won’t be damaged by falling ice. No mist means reduced accidents due to reduced visibility.

Munters dehumidifier SMAC Enterprises

KEEP MOISTURE OUT OF YOUR COLD ROOM Independently of whether the products require the minus temperatures of freezers or just chilled storage such as in a fridge or colder room, cold storage facilities must maintain product quality and freshness.

In these conditions, it’s critical not only to control the temperature but also to control the level of relative humidity. The World Health Organization recommends maintaining humidity levels lower than 60% R.H (2-22°C).

With a tailored Munters dehumidification solution in your cold storage, the relative humidity can be kept in check. Thereby, you will comply with the strict health regulations, for instance, within the food or pharmaceutical industries, and the product quality will be sustained over time, ensuring maximum product shelf life.

A Munters dehumidifier will provide year-round control irrespective of the ambient conditions or removal of cooling units. The unit can be installed either outside or within the actual store as it excels in functioning independently of the ambient air temperature, in contrast with cooling dehumidifiers which work at reduced capacity from approximately + 15°C. Munters dehumidifiers are energy efficient and can operate in cold rooms operating in -40°C temperature making dehumidification within freezer departments a possibility. 

Munters dehumidifierSAVE ENERGY: Your cold storage will experience condensation and ice build-up if you don’t have the right dehumidification solution. Defrosting costs time and energy, and your evaporator won’t operate efficiently if ice has formed on it.

Want to enjoy significant energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint? Munters can help, with a dehumidification solution tailored to your specific cold storage needs.



With SMAC Enterprises as your service partner, your air treatment equipment will receive the attention, care and maintenance needed to reach its maximum life expectancy. Our Munters trained Services Engineers and Technicians include:

      1. Comprehensive installation and start-up services
      2. PrimaCaire (extended warranty) agreement
      3. Flexible ServiceCaire maintenance agreements to fit your specific needs
      4. Performance checks and optimization
      5. Upgrade options for substantial energy savings and improved performance
SMAC Enterprises are sole distributers for Munters AirTech supplying and installing Munters dehumidification units to help you establish full control over humidity conditions in important structures, equipment and processes. Let us advise you on how to apply advanced dehumidification technology to control and manage humidity effectively. 
With over 20 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions that solves ice and frost build-up in cold rooms and cold stores. We provide cold room and cold store solutions.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry.
SMAC Enterprises are the official Munters Airtech Representatives and sole distributors for Munters dehumidifiers and Munters spare parts within South Africa and the Southern Africa regions.

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