– SMAC Enterprises wins 2022 award

SMAC Enterprises Munters South Africa2023 MUNTERS DISTRIBUTORS MEETING, Czech Republic.

We recently attended the annual distributors meeting in Lednice, Czech Republic, spanning three days in late May. 

The event was a remarkable gathering, with nearly all of the Munters distributors in attendance, along with individuals from Munters’ product management and support functions.

The meeting was filled with engaging presentations, insightful discussions, a visit to Munters factory in Hodonin, and enjoyable dinners. It provided an excellent platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and strengthening partnerships. Lednice’s picturesque surroundings and the warm hospitality of the Czech people added to the overall experience.

This annual event served as a valuable opportunity to align strategies, view new products, discuss challenges, and foster collaboration among esteemed international distributors and the Munters’ dedicated teams.


SMAC Enterprises was awarded the trophy for the Highest Order Intake for 2022.


  • SMAC Enterprises/South Africa – Highest order intake 2022
  • EuroCons/Serbia – Highest net sales 2022
  • SIS Engineering Enterprises/Pakistan – Highest spare parts orders intake 2022