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SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

Better, faster & longer lasting. How to improve quality, consistency and productivity of confectionery products

Effective humidity control for confectionery, candy processing, and chocolate dehumidification systems ensures high quality, long shelf life, and an appetizing product appearance.


SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

Effects of Uncontrolled Humidity

Hard candies, biscuits, chocolates, jellied items, sugar-coated drops or tablets, sugar and popcorn, often lose quality and shelf life when they come into contact with air humidity that is too high during the production process. They can stick together, become moldy and break apart. Machines and pipes become clogged and production, transport and storage are impeded. This is a cost and time-intensive situation that can be avoided.


The Munters Solution

The most effective way to protect raw materials and products during production, storage and transport is to control environmental conditions. The central element is the continuous regulation and monitoring of air humidity during all production processes, from raw material to end product and at every time of the day and every season of the year.


SMAC distributer for Munters in Africa

For this reason, Munters offers its clients custom-designed air treatment solutions i.e. dehumidification for every single area of production. 

Munters ML range with AirC

Whether silo or production facility, warehouse or transport, air humidity and temperature are consistently and precisely co-ordi­nated with the product and the situation. This co-ordination not only secures high product quality and long shelf life, but also ensures considerable cost savings and production increases.

All Munters dehumidifiers provide efficient and consistent humidity control regardless of the ambient or outdoor conditions, ensuring consistent conditions for manufacturing all year round with our patented Honeycombe® Rotor Technology. How does the Rotor work? Read more


Advantages with using a Munters dehumidifier

  1. Consistent, high product quality in every season
  2. Year-round continuous production levels
  3. Dry product stays dry and appealing to end user customer
  4. Better surface quality
  5. Increased productivity, higher throughput
  6. Significantly less waste
  7. Hygienic production, storage and transport for maximum food safety
  8. Shorter coating and drying times
  9. Ice-free areas and fewer defrosts for freezers & cold storage areas
  10. Lower energy consumption for process air treatment
  11. Reduced clogging and maintenance issues for entire production process


We deliver cost effective solutions at the highest quality level, manufactured under strict control regulations in our ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001 certified facilities. In addition, the Munters systems can be custom designed according to your requirements.


SMAC distributer for Munters in AfricaContact a Munters Specialist at SMAC Enterprises today for advice and pricing on the best suited Munters desiccant dehumidifier unit for your confectionery factory.

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