– When last have you had your Munters Dehumidifier serviced & checked?

Munters Rotor Check

Just as your motor vehicle needs to be serviced regularly, maintaining your Munters Dehumidifier ensures a smooth and trouble-free moisture controlled environment, extends the lifetime of the unit preventing breakdowns and down-time in production.

Your Munters Dehumidifier may be experiencing a drop in performance without you noticing as the unit might be on and running. However, you might find an increase in energy consumption since the reactivation heater is working more to compensate for the lower performance of the rotor or, that climate conditions and humidity levels are not what they used to be compared to when the unit was first installed.

Just a physical examination of the rotor or changing the filters is not sufficient since even small particles and airborne contaminants naked to the eye can still have a significant effect on the unit.


Your Dehumidifier needs to be serviced if there is:
     • Increased energy consumption
     • Change in climate conditions and humidity levels
     • Drop in production capacity
     • Lower product quality
     • Production problems due to an increase in humidity levels

The Munters patented rotor is designed & manufactured for a long life but due to a lack of maintenance & insufficient filtration, there could be a drop in rotor performance


SMAC Enterprises are the local agents for Munters Air Treatment in Southern Africa, our wide range of Service Options are designed to improve performance and energy efficiency, extend lifetime, keep maintenance costs low and avoid breakdowns.

All our Service Technicians are Munters trained and use original Munters spares and parts.

  1. ServiceCaire: 3-star Maintenance Plan (as and when needed, appointment based)
  2. PrimaCaire: 4-star or 5-star Service Agreements (4 or more regular visits per year)


Both service agreements and maintenance plans includes:

• Changing of the filters & wear and tear parts
• Labour by a Munters trained Technician
• Electrical & mechanical checks.
• Fan assembly checked and cleaned.
• Belts and seals inspected.
• Control equipment checked.
• Drive system evaluated.
• Rotor performance check.
• Performance check will be run.
• Clean-up of the unit.
• Report will be produced and sent to you.
• 10% discount on parts not covered by warranty
• PrimaCaire only : Full warranty coverage during the agreement period

Read more about the ServiceCaire and PrimaCaire


When last was your Dehumidifier checked & serviced?

It doesn’t matter what type of Munters unit you have, book a service appointment with us today and let our Munters Trained Technician assess and service your unit.

Feel free to contact us for Munters original spares & to confirm pricing to ensure that you have not been overcharged or given a non-Munters original spare parts by a 3rd party.