– Upgrades on your Munters unit can uncover new potential

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Do you have one of the many older and still steadily running Munters dehumidifiers operating in your facility?

Upgrade your equipment by enhancing them with the most recent technological advances and enhancements. No matter the application, upgrades to Munters dehumidifier equipment boost productivity, increases energy savings, reduces downtime and slashes operating and maintenance costs.

Energy savings: Upgrading your existing Munters air treatment equipment, typically leads to energy savings of minimum 25%.

Short payback time: A Munters upgrade has a typical payback time of 2 years.

Upgrade Products available:

– Control System Upgrades
– Reactivation heater conversions or upgrades
– Condenser/refrigerant upgrades
– Internal energy recovery systems
– Upgrades of fan motors

munters smac1. Controls Upgrade
Upgrading controls on older Munters air treatment equipment offers improved energy efficiency and a wide range of flexible control options

Munters Climatix Control System is the standard control system on most bigger dehumidification systems manufactured by Munters today. But also customers with older dehumidifiers already in operation, can take advantage of this control system that offers:

– Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, BACnet IP and WEB options for remote connectivity
– Full control of added functionalities like pre-treatment, post-treatment, heating, cooling, humidification
– Possibility to log values

munters2. Energy savings with Munters internal rotor energy recovery systems
Like Munters and most other environmentally concerned companies, you might also be focusing on reducing the energy consumption and carbon foot print? If YES, Munters can provide retrofit solutions to optimize the energy efficiency in these older units, securing energy efficient operation years ahead.

How to cut the energy consumption for reactivation by up to 25%
Since the majority of the energy required for the desiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream, significant energy savings are achieved by recovering the energy in the reactivation cycle.

Internal energy recovery systems for the rotor reactivation process can be installed retro fit in a wide range of bigger dehumidifiers (e.g. MX, MA, MCD, ICA, MTS & MDU Series) offering energy savings up to 25%, typically with a short ROI of around 2 years or less.

The Purge sectors can easily be installed on site by our skilled Service Teams and does not involve any external rebuilding – most of the work is done inside the dehumidifier itself.

munters smac3. Fan motor upgrade saves min. 30% energy
With the constant focus on energy prices and carbon footprint we are happy to offer a range of fan and motor upgrade options of older, still fully functioning equipment.

Process fan upgrade:
The process fans on older Munters MX dehumidifiers are operating with AC induction motors. By upgrading these to modern and much more energy efficient EC (Electronic Commutator)fans, you will be granted energy savings at 50% or more.

The EC (Electronic Commutator) fan is a permanent magnet motor that has an electronically controlled stator field, compared with the voltage induced stator field of an AC induction motor.

The EC motor allows proportional control over a 0-100% range with no induction present. This can be via a pressure transducer or manual potentiometer control, either 0-10vdc or 4-20mA. Replacing the old and original fan with a 3kW motor for an EC fan upgrade, British Sugar is offered the same air volume and static pressure with only 1.6kW power consumption.


– Energy consumption reduced by 50%
– Return on investment (ROI) of less than 2 years
– Green Tech energy efficient fan motor
– Flexible fan motor design allows for horizontal or vertical discharge

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