– Munters IceDry® system keeps the coldstore free of ice and frost!

Cold room Munters IceDry unit

Munters IceDry® system keeps the coldstore free of ice and frost!

Munters installed their IceDry® dehumidifiers, which distribute dry, dehumidified air via channels with nozzles down over the door into the air lock. At night, when the door to the production unit is closed, there is an electronic hygrostat to make sure that the dehumidifier is not used unnecessarily.

AT_Case_salmon1.jpgInstalling a Munters IceDry® system meant the dew point lies below the prevailing temperature, which considerably reduces the formation of ice and frosting on the evaporator. This reduces icing up of the refrigeration components, evaporator and condensation tray. Were this not the case, valuable energy and time would be expended on defrosting.

The IceDry® system ensures that the dew point lies below the prevailing temperature within the store. The dry air is fed back into the airlock, combating the formation of ice and frosting. All in all, this saves costly energy and time, and minimises the risk of accidents.

J.P. Salmon A/S has definitely benefited from installing this system. The door now works without problems and can be shut tight as there is no longer any ice damage.
The floors are also dry and safe. Valuable time and money is no longer spent removing ice and frost and equally important are improvements in the safety aspects.

The visibility has improved in the lock area and it is possible to see through the viewing panels.

Why not look on www.munters.com/food for a wealth of case studies.

J.P. Salmon A/S, located in Denmark operates both as a smoke house and production unit. It has 120 employees to process salmon, halibut, trout, and tuna etc., which are sold all over the world.
Between the production unit and cold store, the cold air from the freezer met the warmer and more humid air from the production unit, which resulted in both practical and safety problems.
There were problems with the doors icing up, which meant that they could not be closed properly, while in the actual cold storage room there were large amounts of ice and frost, which had to be cleared from the floor using shovels.
There were also visible signs of major frost damage to the ceiling and evaporators. There were problems with safety in the lock area due to wet, slippery floors and fog.


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