– Do you have constant ice problems in your Cold Store?

Do you have constant ice problems within your cold store or walk in cold room?
Are your cold store products covered in a layer of ice?
Do you have slippery, iced covered floors and ceilings causing health and safety issues for your workers?


THE PROBLEM: Ice & Frost Build Up in Cold Rooms – Due to the difference in water content in the air outside and the air inside the cold room or cold store, water starts to condensate when the moist outdoor air enters the cold areas leading to ice, snow, frost and fog irrespective of whether you have an installed air conditioner or not. Ice and frost in and on chilled and frozen food affects productivity, quality & safety.

THE SOLUTION: The Munters IceDry® System – the system alleviates ice, frost and fog build up by dehumidifying the incoming air and removing high moisture levels. As 95% of the moist air infiltrates through the doors, the solution is to capture the moist air, dehumidify it, and supply dry, low dew point air at the entry doors. This dry air is drawn into the cold store when the doors open and circulates freely across the floor to keep it dry.

Munters ice dry in cold stores

The Munters IceDry® system is the only dehumidifier system that has been developed especially for installation inside a cold store.
The tough, cold environment demands new and special features created with the sole purpose of ensuring that the unit runs reliably and energy efficiently. One example is the automatic defrosting function – accumulated ice and frost will gradually evaporate until the store is completely free from ice and frost.

Advantages of the Munters IceDry® System:
– Specially designed for cold room and cold store installations (inside or outside the room)
– Automatic defrosting function (no downtime to clean or defrost the cold room).
– Prevention of ice build up on evaporator coils = increased efficiency.
– Health & safety benefits, no slips or falls due to slippery ice buildup on floors.
– Easily scan product bar codes.
– Eliminates fog & provides a clear workable cold store.
– No ice on products = protection of the quality of products.
– Prevention of ice build up on movable racking.
– Reduces maintenance costs, less mechanical failure.

At the heart of the Munters IceDry® solution is our state of the art – Desiccant Rotor Technology which has the ability to absorb moisture from the air irrespective of the temperature, so it works equally well even at sub zero temperatures. Munters are the original inventors of the Dessicant Rotor.

Munters wins award

Munters IceDry frost prevention method wins 2006 European FoodTec Silver Innovation Award.
The 2006 Silver European FoodTec Award was presented at the Anuga Food Fair and is given to products which have been developed to achieve a significant improvement in processing functions.
The international jury was made up of representatives from the European food processing, meat, dairy and food science institutes.
This award once again proves that IceDry® is successfully used around the world and continues to achieve high accolades within the cold storage industry.

– Munters is a Swedish company that manufactures and services desiccant dehumidification systems that are designed to remove moisture from the air to control humidity in any industry. Munters are the original inventors of the Dessicant Rotor.
– Munters is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and is a global leader in energy efficient and sustainable air treatment and climate solutions since 1955. – Munters has been defining the future of air treatment and used by more than 20 major industries in hundreds of applications and is represented in more than 30 countries.

– SMAC Enterprises are sole agents representing Munters dehumidifier products and authorised partners representing the Munters Dehumidification Division. We are based in South Africa and assist clients throughout Africa. With over 17 years of experience, we offer complete turn-key air treatment solutions for each unique industry need.

SMAC Enterprises offers the following services:
– Energy Control Solutions
– Turn-Key Consultations and solutions from Munters trained specialists
– On-site Evaluations from Munters trained specialists
– Services and Maintenance Agreements for Munters Dehumidifiers
– Service Level Agreements for Munters Dehumidifiers

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