SMAC Enterprises


Controllers for Industrial Automation

SMAC Enterprises supplies Swedish controllers for general industry automation.
Box PCs are small compact systems without a monitor. Often used in special machines for different applications. 
Panel PC is a system with a touch screen. The system is mounted in a panel or cabinet door alt. VESA mount. 24VDC and 230VAC adapter simplifies installation. 
MS Windows, a variety of settings can be done to increase the reliability of the system. Automatic scheduled checkup control the restart to constantly keep your system in top condition.
VPN system can be supplied with the VPN app installed for easy accessing via TeamViewer.
The hardware
BIOS setup to get the system to return to the selected application after a power failure, or other options available. Customized front with the customer’s own appearance, color, logo etc
Service & Support
Serial number on the back of the system that leads to full traceability.
Spare parts are readily available from Sweden
5 year warranty – no other manufacturer offers a comparable guarantee.