Energy Recovery Products

Energy recovery includes any technique or method of minimizing the input of energy to an overall system by the exchange of energy from one sub-system of the overall system with another.
SMAC Enterprises is able to provide energy recovery units for various HVAC systems whether it be new or existing units.
The Econovent is the original energy recovery wheel installed over the whole world, saving massive amount of energy every day. It´s unique mechanical design with thin foil (35/50micron) enables:

– undisputable quality and longevity
– market leading efficiency (by enhanced convection heat transfer through more surface)
– lowest offered pressure drops
– 30-50% lighter wheel, which not just simplifies installation and maintenance, but also reduces wearing on bearings and sealings resulting in increased longevity

– The Econovent is delivered in non-hygroscopic or sorption execution
– The sorption variant with its unique coating process provides the highest latent performance in the market
– For corrosion protection, the Econovent is offered in epoxy- or edge-reinforced treatment
– For project optimization 5 different foil spacings are offered
– Every single Econovent is mechanically pressure tested before dispatch
– Diameters offered in steps of 1cm between 30cm and 250cm
– Econovent is chosen in one piece or in segments
– With or without purging sector
– Different material executions such as; galvanized-, AlZn-, stainless steel (304/316) is standard. Special coating is also offered.
– Rotated by high quality and thoroughly tested speed drive solutions
RegAsorp rotor reduces installation and operational for costs for cooling thanks to best humidity recovery in the market.
  – Both sensible and latent recovery
  – Up to 80% temperature efficiency
  – Improved indoor air quality
Rotary heat exchangers offer high efficiency in a compact design and often provide the best return on investment. The RegAsorp rotor is designed for heating and cooling recovery. The main feature of the RegAsorp rotor is that it cannot only transfer heat energy but also moisture. When warm outdoor air is cooled, the moisture in the air condenses to water when the air reaches the dew point. This takes a lot of energy and requires that the chiller is designed to cope with it. The RegAsorp rotor will help with that by transferring a large part of the moisture in the outdoor air and exhausting it directly through the exhaust fan. This means the size of the cooling system is reduced. With Molecular Sieve desiccant carry over of particles is being reduced.
– Available for eQ Prime, eQ Master and eQ Top
   – Standard option for ReCooler HP
   – Perfect solution for cooling recovery
– Reduces investment cost for cooling
– Reduces running costs for cooling
– Minimizes carry over of particles