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Controllers Product Range

SMAC Enterprises supplies Swedish controllers for general industry automation.
Box PCs are small compact systems without a monitor. Often used in special machines for different applications.
Panel PC is a system with a touch screen. The system is mounted in a panel or cabinet door alt. VESA mount. 24VDC and 230VAC adapter simplifies installation.
MS Windows, a variety of settings can be done to increase the reliability of the system. Automatic scheduled checkup control the restart to constantly keep your system in top condition.
VPN system can be supplied with the VPN app installed for easy accessing via TeamViewer.
The hardware
BIOS setup to get the system to return to the selected application after a power failure, or other options available. Customized front with the customer’s own appearance, color, logo etc
Service & Support
Serial number on the back of the system that leads to full traceability.
Spare parts are readily available from Sweden
5 year warranty – no other manufacturer offers a comparable guarantee.


panel pc's


Panel PC 21.5 Inch

Each Panel PC has: 
– Resistive touch screen
– Intel J1900 1.9GHz / Intel i5 Quad Core
– RAM 4GB (up to 16GB)
– 32GB SSD (up to 500GB SSD)
– 230VAC Adapter
– IP65 
– Aluminium chassi

Screen sizes available: 8″, 12″,12.5″,15″, 17″, 19″ 

Panel PC 18.5 Inch WidescreenPanel PC Widescreen Information:
– 15 Inch TFT LCD with capacitive touch screen
– Intel J1900 1.9GHz / Intel i5 Quad Core
– RAM 4GB (up to 16GB)
– 16GB SSD (up to 500GB SSD)
– 230VAC Adapter (also 24VDC on all Atom systems)
– IP65 protection front panel
– Light Weight Aluminium chassi
– LCD Panel: 11.6” TFT LCD
– Resolution: 1366×768
– Brightness: 300 cd/2
– Contrast: 600:1
– Touch Display: Resistive
– CPU: Intel J1900 CPU Quad Core
– RAM: 4GB (up to 16GB)
– HDD / 32GB SSD (up to 500GB SSD or 2.5” SATA Option)
– I/O: 2xLAN 4xUSB 1xCOM
– Power: 230VAC Adapter (also 24VDC on all J1900 systems)
– Panel Mount Kit
– Material Aluminium
– Operating temp: 0C till +45C
– Weight: Net 2 KG

available in the following screen sizes: 11.6″, 15.6″, 18.5″

IP65 Panel PC

 All of the IP65 Panel PC’s are fully waterproof and feature:
● IP65 compliant 6-sided stainless steel chassis
● All IP65 waterproof stainless steel connectors
● Standard / full IP65 external power adapter
● LCD touch panel from 10.4″ to 21.5″
● Widescreen solution for 21.5″
● Fanless design and compact solution
● Any combination of up to 3 x COM, 3 x GLAN, 3 x USB but totally no more than 3 (10.4″, 12.1″)
● Any combination of up to 4 x COM, 4 x GLAN, 4 x USB but totally no more than 4 (15″ ~ 21.5″)
● 1 x CF card socket, 1 x Mini PCIe slot
● Low power consumption
● RFID sensor (optional)

available in the following screen sizes: 

●  LCD touch panel from 10.4″ to 21.5″
●  Widescreen solution for 21.5″


19" TFT LCD Panel

TFT LCD Panel info:
– TFT LCD Panel supports 1280×1024 pixels
– Material: Aluminum magnesium Alloy
– Rugged construction design
– Input signal : VGA/AV
– 300 cd/m2 brightness
– Resistive type of touchscreen
– NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel
– Panel mounting with clipMeet standard VESA hole , support desktop stand / wall mount / swing arm mounting

Available in the following sizes: 15″, 17″ 19″

box pc's

EC200-BTIntel® Atom™ E3800 Series features:
– Processor
– Intel® Atom™ E3800 Series
– 2 DDR3L SODIMM up to 8GB(-E45) 
– 1 DDR3L SODIMM up to 4GB(-E15)
– 1 Mini PCIe
– 1 DVI (DVI-D signal) 
– 1 VGA
– 2 2.5″ SATA bay(s) 
– 1 mSATA
– 2x LAN 
– 10x COM 
– 8x USB 2.0 
– 8-bit GPIO 
– Power: 9~36V DC-in
– Certification: CE / RoHS / FCC
FAS-BOX-i7-4500UFAS-BOX-i7-4500U is a fanless embedded industrial PC with i7 dual core processor. Kratfull processor in a compact chassis.
FAS-BOX-i7-4500U comes with dual HDMI external screen. 6x USB ports and 6x COM (5xRS-232 and 1×422 / 485) making it easy to connect external accessories. Internally, the system’s PCI Express mini card slot for expansion.
230VAC adapter included with all systems alternatively a 8-19VDC source used. Power consumption is about 15W which means that the system is well suited for mobile applications.
FA System delivers all the operating systems. Windows 7 Embedded (WES7) we offer customization O/S image to suit specific requirements.
– Dimensions: 187x111x50 mm
– Temperature: Maximum 45 ° C
– CPU Dual Core i7-4500U
– 4GB of RAM (up to 16GB)
– SSD 32GB (IPP to 500GB)
– I / 0: 2xLAN 1000Mb / 6xUSB / 6xCOM / 2xHDMI / Audio
– Power: 230VAC or 8-19VDC On board


– Intel Atom J1900 1.9Ghz
– 4-8GB RAM
– 230VAC Adapter
– Aluminium Chassi


DIN Rail PCDIN rail mount Box PC makes installation in electrical cabinets easy. FAS Tech AB have a number of different solutions to mount computers and IT equipment on a standard DIN rail
• Fanless solution and compact housing
• Design for Industrial Automation or DIN rail application
• Intel® Atom™ Quad Core J1900 2.0Ghz processor
• DDR III L So DIMM memory up to 8GB
• 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
• 2 x RS232 , 3x USB 2.0 , 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x VGA , 1 x HDMI
• Supports one 2.5” SATA SSD/HDD (or mSATA)
• 12V/19V/24V DC-In with terminal block
• Front facing I/O ports and indicator for easy maintenance
• 8 x DIO (optional)
• Audio ( optional )
SMAC sole Munters Distributer

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SMAC Enterprises are sole agents for Munters dehumidifier products and represent the Munters Dehumidification Division in South Africa. With 17 years of experience, we offer complete turn-key air treatment solutions for each unique industry need.
We understand the causes and effects of humidity and how it interacts with even tiny alterations in temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and weather conditions and any other parameters specific to your particular industry.
Our experienced Munters trained specialists are here to help you with just about any issue associated with moisture in the air so that you don’t need to pour time, money and effort into dealing with the problems. Our humidity management technology will eliminate humidity-related problems and minimize downtime.
We carry a solid track record of supplying well-engineered, energy-efficient and remarkably reliable Munters dehumidifiers that have been documented as the most cost-effective way to tackle humidity-related problems in a wide range of industries.


SMAC Enterprises offers the following services:

– Energy Control Solutions
– Turn-Key Consultations
– On-site Evaluations
– On-site training
– Services and Maintenance Agreements for Munters Dehumidifiers
– Service Level Agreements for Munters Dehumidifiers

SMAC Enterprises is located in Gauteng and the Western Cape regions – contact us

Willie van Rensburg


SMAC Enterprises was recently awarded the trophy for the Best Marketing Campaign and was recognised as the runner-up for the global Top Sales Award at the 2017 Munters International Distributor Meeting in Sweden in August 2017.

Willie has previously been awarded Top Global Munters Distributor for 2016.

Pictured in the photo is Willie van Rensburg, Managing Director of SMAC Enterprises who has been a Sales Engineer and DH Manager for the Munters Dehumidification Division in South Africa for over 14 years as is known as an industry expert due to his experience and air treatment knowledge within the pharmaceutical, produce, military, manufacturing, refrigeration, marine, preservation, electronic , chemical and other similar type industries.

Munters Global appointed SMAC Enterprises as their sole distributer for the Southern Africa region in 2013 upon closing it’s Munters DH division in South Africa. SMAC Enterprises continues to manage sales and services as authorised Munters Dehumidification Division representatives.

With 17 years of experience in the industry we have assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier for your unique industry need.

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