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Did you know that Munters are the original inventors of the Dessicant Rotor?

Munters is the original innovator in climate control since 1955. Founded by ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters, the company was built around his insights to the laws of thermodynamics in combination with an ability to translate that understanding into groundbreaking technology. During his lifetime Carl Munters applied for nearly 1,000 patents, mostly within the…

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Do you have constant ice problems in your Cold Store?

Do you have constant ice problems within your cold store or walk in cold room?Are your cold store products covered in a layer of ice? Do you have slippery, iced covered floors and ceilings causing helat and safety issues for your workers? WE HAVE A PROVEN AWARD WINNING SOLUTION FOR YOUR COLD ROOM! THE PROBLEM:…

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Munters Rotor Performance Check

The heart of a Munters Dehumidifier is the desiccant wheel (rotor) which through Desiccant Rotor Technology, has the ability to absorb moisture from the air irrespective of the temperature working equally well even at sub zero temperatures. Are you aware of what a drop in rotor performance in your Munters Dehumidifier can cost you production…

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Upgrades Uncover New Potential

Munters SMAC Enterprises

Do you happen to have one of the many older and still steadily running Munters dehumidifiers operating in your facility? Upgrade your equipment by enhancing them with the most recent technological advances and enhancements. No matter the application, upgrades to Munters dehumidifier equipment boost productivity, increases energy savings, reduces downtime and slashes operating and maintenance…

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