Labs & Clean Rooms

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Dehumidification solutions in laboratories, clean rooms and laminar flow cabinets ensure that the relative humidity is kept constant, regardless the ambient conditions.

The moisture absorption by hygroscopic active ingredients is eliminated, and the product stability remains intact.
By creating the correct atmospheric conditions, labs and clean rooms and pilot plants are able to predict the precise large scale production performance. Our system can optimise the flow of products through transport systems and dispensing systems, reduce  bacterial growth , prevent  scrap, condensation, caking and HACCP risks. Whilst  Improving  pourability, precision, quality & shelf life.
Clean room pic3.jpgOur dehumidification system solutions are often used for these very demanding applications and offer full set-up support from our in-house team with a wide range of pre and post treatment options.
Our systems are designed in modules and built on a common base frame, minimizing the foot print, and requiring only one supplier and one after sales partner.
  • – Stable humidity conditions all year round
  • – Reproducible test results and conditions
  • – Hygienic conditions without micro-organism growth
  • – Reduced waste
  • – More comfortable working conditions
With 17 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry need that will create the optimum conditions for labs and clean rooms.