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SMAC Enterprises supplies evaporative cooling solutions for numerous applications.
These solutions include Direct Evaporative Coolers, where water is evaporated into the air stream via an engineered pad, to provide adiabatic cooling. Indirect Evaporative Coolers, use evaporating water to cool the scavenger airstream passing through a heat exchanger, thus maintaining constant humidity in the treated air. Fluid Coolers utilize an indirect evaporative approach to cool a liquid rather than the air.
With 17 years of experience in the industry SMAC Enterprises has assisted many clients in various industries by providing air treatment solutions.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry need.

air treatmentFA6™ Evaporative Humidifier/Cooler contains of in total 135pcs standards sizes and special sizes available; Fa6 units are for integration into AHU (Air Handling units )and are used both as Humidifiers and Coolers for direct cooling and Indirect cooling; applications are for industrial application production sites, comfort in commercial buildings, Datacenters etc.

FA6™ Evaporative Humidifier/Coolers are:
– Ultra low energy humidifier/cooler (50–250 W)
– Ideal for evaporative cooling
– Available in wide range of sizes from 0.5 to 34 m3/s (single unit)
– High efficiency: 65%, 85% and 95%
– Low pressure drop
– Superb controllability – typically down to ±1%
– No risk of over-saturation
– GLASdek®‚ evaporative media made from inorganic, non-combustible material

air treatmentMunters Humimax™ is a series of standalone humidifier units. Humimax provides excellent humidification while letting you automatically control the level of humidity throughout a broad range of application areas, such as print houses, wood and furniture storages, museums and computer rooms as well as vegetable and fruit storage. The Humimax is available in three different sizes 2000, 5000 and 10000 m3/h depending on size of premises and humidification needs. The unit is designed to keep an optimum balance between required humidification efficiency and stability, as well as very low energy consumption. Easy installation (plug and play) and maintenance make the Humimax simple and straight forward to use by almost anyone.

Humimax™ features superb control functionality with minimum relative humidity fluctuation. In comparison with other humidification technologies, the evaporative humidifier consumes only the minimum of energy and is therefore the optimal choice both environmentally and economically.

Humimax can provide outstanding results as the installation is very simple and the maintenance is limited to cleaning and exchanging the evaporative media. It is a reliable and durable humidifier with a robust design. Its high performance can help eliminate fatal static discharges in data centers and server rooms, prevent damage to valuable artifacts caused by shrinkage in museums and art galleries, minimize wastage by keeping moisture content in furniture and wood industry, and reduce weight loss during fruit and vegetable storage. Humimax is also widely used in printing houses to prevent paper from loosing its strengths and brittleness, and avoid static electricity to influence the final printing result.

Humimax Features:
– ModBus Communication
– Superb control functionality
– Modulating fan speed control
– Auto drain function
– Humidification/cooling mode
– Time scheduled operation
– Maintenance alarm
– Low noise level

air treatmentThe Munters EPCC has been designed to meet the demands of
those customers who use large refrigeration and air cooled
condensers/chillers in variety of applications. By adding an EPCC
system, the air temperature through the condensers will be lower
and in most cases better or equal performance can be reached with
lower energy consumption.

The Munters EPCC:
– Reduces energy consumption
– Increases cooling capacity
– Reduces required size of compressor
– Typical cooling effect in summer up to 14°C, depending on the geographical location
– Low investment, maintenance and operating costs
– Air filtration effects, especially in coastal installations
– Low pressure drop on to coil
– Sound attenuation

air treatmentMunters GLASdek® is a high efficiency evaporative cooling media that is engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service. The media is made from inorganic, non-combustible material.

It allows the use of water straight from the tap with no need for water treatment (i.e. demineralisation plants). In cases with non-sufficient water quality, it may be necessary to add a water treatment. No silver ionization filter is needed.

Munters GLASdek® is:
– Inorganic, ceramical material
– Non-combustible
– Low pressure drop
– Approved according to VDI 6022
– No water treatment required
– Safe and hygienic
– GREENGUARD Gold Certified