Munters dehumidifier

Munters Dehumidifiers

SMAC Enterprises are sole agents for Munters dehumidifier products and represent the Munters Dehumidification Division in South Africa. With 17 years of experience, we offer complete turn-key air treatment solutions for each unique industry need.
We understand the causes and effects of humidity and how it interacts with even tiny alterations in temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and weather conditions and any other parameters specific to your particular industry.
Our experienced Munters trained specialists are here to help you with just about any issue associated with moisture in the air so that you don’t need to pour time, money and effort into dealing with the problems. Our humidity management technology will eliminate humidity-related problems and minimize downtime.
We carry a solid track record of supplying well-engineered, energy-efficient and remarkably reliable Munters dehumidifiers that have been documented as the most cost-effective way to tackle humidity-related problems in a wide range of industries.
Munters systems are used by more than 20 major industries in hundreds of applications.
Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and let our Munters trained air treatment specialists recommend the correct Munters dehumidifier from the Munters Air Treatment range suited for your unique industry need. 


SMAC EnterprisesSmall, solid units designed for use in minor archives, depots, waterworks, containers, vehicles and defence applications. From 50m³/h to 300m³/h.

This series is:
– Low weight
– High efficiency down to -20°C
– Robust
– Easy to service

SMAC EnterprisesThe ComDry series are portable dehumidifiers that are specially designed to control humidity and eliminate damaging condensation in any environment. The ComDry series of dehumidifiers are robustly built from corrosion resistant light weight material. A multifunction control panel provides a variety of control options making the ComDry extremely flexible and energy efficient.

For the condensor version with pump select M170L and for drip drain condensor select M160L. The compact size give unlimited options for small spaces including storage and preservation, water works and construction.

This series is:
– Compact
– Lightweight
– Humidity / temp sensor
– Fast drying
– Robust
– Reliable
– Energy efficient
– 3 step fan

SMAC EnterprisesThe MC series represents a range of desiccant dehumidifiers with high drying capacity, reliability and flexibility.

This series is:
– Compact design
– Analogue version = plug & play
– Digital version = multiple control options
– High efficiency
– Ducted air in/ outlets
– Easy filter change without tools
– Continuous fan mode
– Low noise level


SMAC EnterprisesExcellent all-round units with integrated humidistats. Condensation units available as options, just like gas regeneration on the biggest units.

ML series desiccant dehumidifiers (180 – 2300 m³/h)

This series:
– Requires minimal floor area
– Unique plastic rotor casing 100 % corrosion resistance
– Dehumidifies efficient down to -20ºC
– Dehumidifies to low dewpoint
– Interchangeable front and back panels – easier to install

SMAC EnterprisesThe MLT range: Especially optimised series for storage applications. Air volumes range from 350 to 3000 m³/h. High capacity at low energy consumption.

The MLT range:
– Requires minimal floor area
– High airflow capacity
– Minimal energy consumption
– Unique plastic rotor casing 100 % corrosion resistance
– Dehumidifies efficient down to -20ºC
– Interchangeable front and back panels – easier to install

SMAC EnterprisesMunters IceDry has been specially designed for installation in cold stores and to freezer systems. Food Tec and Health & safety Award-winning system.

Ice and snow build up on cold store ceilings, walls and floors has the potential to cause unsafe working conditions especially on uneven floors where fork lift trucks carry loads at speed. The reduced visibility from fog increases loading and unloading times, and ice on evaporators can lead to increased frequency of defrosts and additional maintenance. The build up of ice and frost on packaging can make cardboard boxes collapse, affecting product quality, and prevent barcode scanners from working correctly .

Munters IceDry® alleviates all these issues by dehumidifying the incoming air from inside the cold store and removing high moisture levels which cause condensation, which at these sub-zero temperatures quickly turn to frost and ice.

Munters IceDry® units are:

– Specially developed for cold store installation
– Automatic defrosting function
– Increased efficiency of evaporators
– Safer cold stores – no slippery floors
– Reduced need for defrosting cold store
– No ice on products – secure the quality
– Less mechanical failures – reduced maintenance costs

SMAC EnterprisesA superior dehumidifier for applications ranging from precise food, pharmaceutical and chemical process control to artefact and general storage, sandblasting and preservation against condensation effects in ice rinks, swimming pools, turbines, switchgear, bridges etc.

The MX² Series is:
– Efficient dehumidification between -20°C and 40°C
– Modulating humidity control including wet air temp sensor
– Communication and external control options
– Filter and rotor stop alarm as standard
– Energy saving options
– Service and running indicator alarm as external indicators

Munters dehumidifierThe MCD (Munters Configurable Dehumidifier) is using the temperature independent sorption principle based on HPS (High Performance SilicaGel) rotor as the dehumidification method. It works efficiently in a wide temperature range -20 °C and 40 °C. For this reason the dehumidifier is suitable for a lot of different applications.

– Efficient dehumidification between -20°C and 40°C
– Modulating humidity control including wet air temp sensor
– Communication and external control options
– Filter and rotor stop alarm as standard
– Energy saving options
– Service and running indicator alarm as external indicators


SMAC EnterprisesDesiCool systems are systems combining Carl Munters’ key inventions: the desiccant wheel, the heat recovery wheel and Celdek evaporative cooling pads.The result is a very cost effective air conditioning system that doesn’t require any coolants like freon, and not compressors.

The DesiCool System features:
– Natural air conditioning
– Cost effective
– Zero coolants needed
– Heat recovery
– Consistant cooling


SMAC eNTERPRISESThe ML Plus system is designed for sensitive production processes offering an energy saving climate control in only one unit – creating optimal production climate around the year.

For archives the ML Plus system offers both humidification and dehumidification in one and the same unit, the system will ensure perfectly controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

The ML Plus system is:

– Highly flexible system – pre-engineered modules to be combined
– Modulated control of react.heater secures minimized energy consumption
– High quality casing for hygienic demands
– Compact design – small foot print – easy to locate
– Easy installation – plug & play
– Fits to ISO-standard ductworks
– Easy service access

SMAC EnterprisesThe heart of the MX² Plus Climate System is Munters’ new and highly energy efficient MX² stand alone dehumidifier. Based on customers specific needs and requirements, modules are added to provide full climate control, controlling both temperature and humidity.

The MX² Plus Climate System can be easily configured with pre- and/or post treatment modules for humidifying, cooling, heating and filtration.

The system is built up and fully tested at our factory. It will be delivered in modules on base frames, easily assembled and connected on site.

The MX² Plus Climate System is:
– Full flexibility – fully configurable
– Energy optimised solution
– Small footprint – easy installation
– Only ONE supplier and service partner
– One CE mark for the complete system
– Modern Climatix control system
– Electricity/steam/gas regeneration options
– Complete documentation on order

SMAC EnterprisesAll process industry applications where there are stringent demands for regulation of moisture and temperature, eg, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, etc.

As close to tailor-made as you can get, MDU is constructed around a modular system in which all units are designed to meet the specific preferences and fulfil EU norms for performance and quality at the same time.

As these systems are designed according to your specific wishes and requirements, please contact your local office for further information.

The MDU is:

– Complete modular dehumidification system
– Indoor and outdoor installation
– Customise for hygiene requirements
– Simple maintenance
– Insulated panels


Modern technology can only be accomplished with the help of digital components. Consequently Munters MK-series, utilizes a built-in RH/T sensor in combination with the digital multifunctional display, guarantees intelligent as well as cost effective dehumidification.

Accessories like drainage pump, external hygrostat and wall brackets put the finishing touch to the Munters MK dehumidifiers.

The MK Series features:

– Digital multifunctional display
– High mobility
– High dehumidification capacity
– Built-in RH/T sensor for hygrostat function
– Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a
– Robust
– Hour meter
– External signal for Operation and Alarm