Our Air Treatment solutions controls the humidity and eliminates icing in freezers, coldstores and on walls and floors. It creates faster freezing of goods with dramatically fewer defrosts, eliminates slippery conditions and fog in loading docks and coldstores and assures product quality.

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To create perfect granulations for processes such as tableting, where specific material structures are required, moisture added and removed under controlled conditions ensures process flow without interruption.

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Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys corrode rapidly in the presence of water vapour and the rate of corrosion is further accelerated by natural or industrial pollutants in the air. Our Air Treatment Solutions are able to protect metals from corrosion.

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SMAC Enterprises is the sole Authorised Distributor for Munters Air Treatment for the Southern Africa and Africa region - contact us today for advise on dehumidification and other air treatment solutions.

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SMAC Enterprises are the leading Air Treatment Specialists in Southern Africa offering complete turn-key solutions for each unique industry need.

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Our Solutions

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Air Treatment Solutions

Our Air Treatment Solutions includes : Dehumidification, Evaporative Cooling, Air Filtration, Ducting Systems and HVAC.

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Air Ducting Systems

We offer a complete turn-key project solutions including air ducting systems to seamlessly integrate with your current production line or factory.

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Energy Recovery

SMAC Enterprises is able to provide energy recovery units for various HVAC systems whether it be new or existing units.

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SMAC Enterprises supplies Swedish controllers for general industry automation that are IP65 certified. Each  Panel PC features a touchscreen with Windows, is available in various screen sized and carries a 5 year warranty. 

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The Munters MX²95

A superior dehumidifier for applications ranging from precise food, pharmaceutical and chemical process control to artefact and general storage, sandblasting and preservation against condensation effects in ice rinks, swimming pools, turbines, switchgear, bridges etc.

  • Efficient dehumidification between -20°C and 40°C
  • Removes 48 liters per 24 hours based on 20 degrees Celsius at 60 relative humidity
  • Modulating humidity control including wet air temp sensor
  • Communication and external control options
  • Filter and rotor stop alarm as standard
  • Energy saving options
  • Service and running indicator alarm as external indicators
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About Us

With 17 years in the air treatment industry, SMAC Enterprises are the leading air treatment specialists in Southern Africa offering complete turn-key solutions for each unique industry need.

We understand the causes and effects of humidity, and how it interacts with even tiny alterations in temperature, dew point, barometric pressure and weather conditions and any other parameters specific to your particular industrial condition.

Our specialists are here to help you with just about any issue associated with moisture in the air so that you don’t need to pour time, money and effort into dealing with the effects. Our humidity management technology will eliminate humidity-related problems and roll back operating costs.

With a solid track record of supplying well-engineered, energy-efficient and remarkably reliable dehumidifiers that have been documented as the most cost-effective ways to tackle humidity-related problems in a wide range of specialist industries.

Turn Key Projects

We solve humidity problems and we understand the challenges unique to each types of industry which is why we offer complete turn-key project solutions and don’t just sell “boxes”.

On site evaluations

We understand that each industry has it’s own challenges, we offer a complimentary on site evaluation of your unique situation, not matter the type of industry.

Energy Recovery Solutions

Energy recovery includes minimizing the input of energy to an overall system by the exchange of energy. SMAC Enterprises is able to provide energy recovery units for various HVAC systems whether it be new or existing units.

HVAC Systems

Through our partnership with international as well as local partners, we are able to provide complete designs of HVAC systems according to specifications. HVAC systems are used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings and have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings.